The Handmade Knives & Sheaths
Early range of ERK knives
This is an old picture from when I started making knives to sell, so hopefully you can see from more recent pictures how the knives have evolved/improved ?.

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ERK 'Bigun' Bushcraft knife
ERK Bushcraft knife
ERK Mini Bushcraft knife
ERK Skinning knife (no longer made,unless requested)
ERK Neck knife (old style)

All of my knives are currently made from O1 high carbon tool steel which in my opinion is the best steel for bushcraft knives as you are able to get it razor sharp & still maintain its toughness, and ensure a long lasting sharp edge.

The knives are heat treated & tempered to 58-60 Rockwell 'C' (unless otherwise specified), then each one is individually hardness tested to ensure the correct results have been achieved.

The bevel is ground with a 25 degree Scandinavian flat grind (unless otherwise specified) and are finished to a 400grit finish on the grinder, then polished on a buffing wheel, then stropped on leather to make them razor sharp. The handles are fitted & shaped then given several coats of Danish oil to protect them.

There are currently 5 main types of knives available, which are :
'The Bigun', Bushcraft knife, Mini Bushcraft Knife, Neck Knife & The Golok.

There may be variations and additions to these knives as I experiment with designs, these will be listed as 'other knives' with a full description.

If you have any specific requirements for a knife e.g.handle material, pins , or you would like a Bushcraft knife in 3mm or a Mini Bushcraft knife in 4mm, or a knife of your own design.  Please feel free to ask, I will be pleased to help you if I can.

No two knives are exactly identical as they are all made individually by hand.

Knives are supplied razor sharp, so be careful !!!

The 'Bigun' Bushcraft Knife.

ERK Bigun with Holly Oak scales
ERK Bigun with Holly Oak scales

This is a large Bushcraft knife made from 6mm thick steel, overall length is 280mm, with a blade length of 170mm, (approx weight is 340 grams).
This knife is a heavy duty knife ideal for chopping & battoning of wood, but not so big that you cannot use it for smaller tasks.

The knife has a slight belly on it making the weight biased towards the front which increases chopping efficiency. It has a flat scandinavian grind of 28 degrees which produces a more robust edge for heavier work. It comes with a leather Dangler type sheath, available L/H or R/H.

This knife will generally be made to order, but when time allows I will make some for listing in the knives for sale section.

The Bushcraft Knife.

ERK Bushcraft Knife with Zebrano scales
ERK Bushcraft Knife with Zebrano scales
ERK Bushcraft Knife with Zebrano scales
This is a full size Bushcraft knife made from 4mm thick steel, overall length is 220mm, with a blade length of 110mm, (approx weight is 180 grams). Available with L/H or R/H leather sheath, or diagonal sheath.

This is similar in size to the legendary 'Woodlore Knife' designed by Ray Mears.

The Mini Bushcraft Knife.

ERK Mini Bushcraft Knife with Black Palmira ScalesERK Mini Bushcraft Knife with Black Palmira Scales

A smaller version of the Bushcraft Knife, made from 3mm thick steel, overall length is 190mm with a blade length of 90mm. This knife will carry out most jobs that it's big brother would, but is a more compact size and lighter in weight, (approx weight is 130 grams). Available with a R/H or L/H leather sheath. 

The Neck Knife.

ERK Neck Knife with Walnut scales
ERK Neck Knife with Walnut scales

I re designed this knife in Jan 2014 to give it a bigger handle and make it a more practical knife.

A small compact but highly useful knife for those lighter tasks in camp, it also makes an excellent skinning knife and whittling knife.

Made from 2mm or 3mm thick steel, overall length is 165mm with a blade length of 65mm, (approx weight is 80g in 2mm or 110g in 3mm).It comes with leather neck sheath suspended with paracord. There is NO L/H or R/H option for neck knife sheath.

The ERK Golok

ERK Golok with Black Palmira scales
ERK Golok with Black Palmira scales

This is the largest knife I make, made from 5mm thick O1 tool steel, overall length is 420mm (16.5") with a blade length of 280mm (11").

It has a 38 degree scandi grind to provide a strong edge for chopping.

Overall weight is approx 600g (760g  with sheath).

The sheath has an open back design fastened with 2 strong studs. It is stitched about 1/3 of the way on the spine side of the blade, this is to make it easier to remove the blade from the sheath due to it's length as well as making a more aesthetically pleasing sheath.

Sheath can be made L/H or R/H.The Golok will only be made to order, please enquire for details.

The Sheaths.

The sheaths are made by a friend of mine Rem, he does not have his own website, but he sells his work on ebay under the name of Leatherworld.

The quality and skill he puts in to his leatherwork is amazing which is why I use him for my sheaths.
Click on the link below to visit his ebay shop & see his work & leather working supplies.

Made from  natural veg tanned leather, the standard colour is Dark Brown (unless otherwise specified).

Black & Light Brown are available upon request, but there could be up to a 4 week delay in despatching the knife to you.

Sheaths are available in L/H or R/H versions, please specify during checkout or send me a separate e-mail if you want a L/H version, otherwise a right handed sheath will be sent. I try to keep a couple of L/H sheaths in stock, but there could be up to a 4 week delay if demand is high and I have no stock at time of purchase. Please feel free to check availability with me before buying.

Optional Diagonal Sheath for ERK Bushcraft Knife.

ERK Diagonal Sheath
ERK Bushcraft Knife with Diagonal Sheath & Firesteel

This is a design I came up with in 2010, and made a sheath for my own knife in this style, and have used it successfully since. I then asked Rem to produce one in his quality to offer as an option.

I have used horizontal sheaths before, but found that due to the fact they have 2 belt loops, I was struggling to get the sheath exactly where I wanted it due to a mismatch with belt loops on trousers.

This has one strap approx 45mm wide which allows for easier location of your knife where you want it, and hangs in a slightly downward position.  The sheath is also deep securing the knife safely in the sheath.

The sheath can be worn for right handed or left handed use, back or front. Standard colour is Dark Brown, but Black or Light brown could be made. It also comes with a firesteel holder. I can also produce a firesteel to accompany your knife & diagonal sheath.
I cannot always guarantee that I will be able to make the handle of the firesteel from the same timber, but I can offer the nearest matching option. Please contact me to discuss this before making your purchase.

This is the only sheath I have available as standard with a firesteel holder, the other sheaths could be made with a firesteel holder, but there would be a delay in your order. (I would love to, but I simply cannot afford to stock every possible option). Please feel free to contact me with your requirements, or any other question regarding my knives.